Welcome, Citizen, Welcome to Hell. This place is Hell on Earth. You are not being lied to when you are told this. You have committed sins against God, nature, and man. This is your punishment. You are not to try to find a way out. You could not, even if you searched a thousand years. The streets shift; rotating around a mechanical core and built upon a mechanical base. The system is infinite, solar powered and imperfect. Many citizens and mutants have been crushed to death in the Labyrinth's sweet embrace. It is a puzzle you will never figure out.
There are no laws here, Citizen. There is no God to save you from the monsters you have created with your own two hands. You deserve to be here, for what you have done.
You are to live the rest of your life in this place. By sinning, you have not only damned yourself, but all those generations that will come after you from your own loins.
Welcome home, Citizen. May God have mercy upon your soul...
...because the Labyrinth will not.

The official year is 31.

As in, 31 years after the world-wide disaster which happened mid-21st century. You have committed sins against your very religious community (Utopia), elders, and God. You are being punished by being sent across the hot desert to the prison settlement for sinners, Labyrinth.
It's a life sentence. Labyrinth was built on a mechanical base and the outer streets shift like a puzzle around the core. You will never escape, and you know it.
Not that you would ever risk letting the radioactive sun touch your skin anyway. You're not that stupid; you know that at any cost, you must never go into the desert outside Utopia or Labyrinth without protection. You'd end up a mutant. Luckily for you, both Labyrinth and Utopia are protected from the sun by thick transparent domes. Each of these communities were built to sustain humans through the global warming crisis.
This is the nightmare of every Utopian child growing up. A city of Hell, overrun by monsters deemed too dangerous to be around Utopians. It was said that the devil himself lived in that place. You were warned many times that if you didn't behave, you would end up there. And now here you are.
You probably thought life was hard in Utopia. You never dreamed one day you'd end up toeing the line between God and Satan, having your precious soul pulled one way and then the other. Which way will you go? Remember, sweet child: in a world of sinners, the darkness covers everything.

How the World Went to Shit

It began with the out-of-control CO2 emissions burning such a large hole in the ozone that by mid 20th century, you couldn't go outside with bare skin. Such large populations eating red meat, manufacturing goods, and companies lying about levels of auto-emissions had been humanity's downfall. Spending even a few seconds in the sun could cause aggressive cancer; spend any longer, and you don't want to know what could happen. The brain was never the same, however.

The harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun also made vegetation and water a scarce commodity. Water that was not a certain depth was unable to absorb the rays and dried up. Whole ecosystems died within a span of weeks. Governments in every country rushed to follow hastily researched construction plans; settlements they would evacuate their populations to, underneath thick transparent domes made of special material that would protect them all from the sun. The settlements were equipped with shipments of seed from the world's seed bank in Antarctica, greenhouses, animals, solar-powered generators, and much more. Everything humanity would need to start fresh.

They were so deep in their dread and panic, they never expected the biological warfare, or the bombs. Terrorism is made all the easier when you need what someone else has to live. Officials were able to evacuate 25,000 people to Utopia before they had to close the doors. Around the world, there were reports of evacuations as high as 400,000 people. Some countries, it seemed, had months more notice of the disaster than the West had.

The bombs dropped for some weeks outside, but soon fell silent. Through the transparent dome, the people of Utopia had front row seats to destruction. They saw the landscape burn, acid fall from the sky, felt the tremors from bombs. But the worst thing by far, was the relentless horde of crazed mutants; their brains addled from the sun and radiation from biological warfare, flesh oozing with pus, tumors, and growths, pressing their misshapen faces and hands against the dome.

They wanted in.

The first years were the most difficult. Because the evacuation had been an emergency, people vital to the project had been overlooked in favour of getting as many lives through the doors as possible. They had satellite contact with the other settlements, but after two weeks, contact went dark. Nobody knew what happened to them. There were not enough doctors and scientists to go around and so disease and unrest took hold. Within ten years, Utopia's population diminished to a paltry five thousand people, living in a dome built for 1 million people.

Out of the shadows stepped a charming, handsome, and mysterious Stranger. It was easy for him to play on the fear of humans, and promise to protect them. To make them see that the destruction of humanity in fire and brimstone was a punishment and warning from God, and that they were the chosen people. The Lord was giving them all a chance to live clean lives. He was like Jesus, a son of God himself, a Prophet performing parlor tricks and passing them off as miracles. The people of Utopia became his flock, and he led them out of the darkness and into the light.

The Stranger, he had given his name to the grace of the Lord, was a pillar of strength to the people of Utopia. He helped them set up a system of government comprised of a handful of community 'elders', he began the important Unmother Research program when female infertility became a problem, and most importantly, he kept the Lord first in all things. He drew his counsel from a tattered version of 'The Bible'. Some pages were missing and some were only partially there, but that was okay because he just filled in all the missing information with whatever he felt like or made up at the time. They lapped it up like hungry dogs.

Because he kept such close counsel with God, The Stranger was able to notify the people of Utopia that God was still unhappy with all the things they had accomplished. There were still unbelievers among them; criminals, rapists, blasphemers, and thieves. They needed to send the evil away before it spread and tarnished their everlasting souls. And he knew exactly how they should do it.

Some hours across the desert, there lay a labyrinthine settlement, also underneath a protective dome. The difference, however, was that it was built on a mechanical base. Every so often without warning and quite like a puzzle, the streets would shift and rearrange themselves around the core. It was impossible to escape, and built before God's Great Wrath was upon the world. A mega-prison settlement, for the worst of criminals, never used in time. The perfect trashbin to cast away Sinners who had turned their faces from the Lord.

With the Elders in agreement, strong, faithful men were outfitted with special gear to protect them from the sun. They rode in a clanky machine that bore some semblance to a car, and in tow they had three hog-tied prisoners, branded in accordance to their sins and bound for imprisonment in what would become known as 'Labyrinth'.

They never returned.

The Stranger disappeared as mysteriously as he had arrived; though his leadership was sorely missed, he soon became a saint and the stuff of legends, and though the Elders never had contact with Labyrinth, they continued to send transgressors across the desert to be imprisoned there. Sometimes the men in charge of transporting them came back. Often, they did not. However, the cost was always seen as worth the price. And in this way, twenty more years passed.

Your story, dear soul, begins in an undetermined year, 30 years after the disaster.

The Plot

Labyrinth is literally the embodiment of Hell. It also contains far more souls than Utopia does. Lucifer's ultimate goal is to possess and consume every one of them, and he doesn't mind trading favours for the honour. If you are branded by him, he has taken your soul. Your destination after death will be hell - and eternal torment.

Eden, however, has other plans. More commonly known by 'God' or 'The Lord', Eden spent many millenia in Heaven, waiting for the crown of The Creator to fall to him. He had many brothers in line before him, including Lucifer. By the time the job was finally his, nearly all Earth's souls had been reaped. Eden's religion was dying - and people no longer believed in Him. He has arrived in Labyrinth to collect followers and lead them to His Light - however, he is more like the God from the first testament than the Lord of Divine Love And Understanding. Wrathful and Vengeful are two of Eden's favourite feelings. Good news though! If he brands you - congratulations, you'll be accepted into the light of his Kingdom when you die.

Your soul is most precious here, my sweet sinner. Which path will you choose?

Filth Commonly Spotted In Lab

Most species are playable for new characters, however, some species can ONLY be acquired in-game from selling your soul.


Born of Unmothers, with the entire female half of their population infertile, humans are sent to Lab for various transgressions. In Utopia, they are exposed to fanatical religion, and going against any rules of their society is dangerous, lest you be branded a sinner. Sinners are always sent to Labyrinth with the full consent of their families; sometimes after silly, mocking trials in their community, and other times, kidnapped in the dead of night, 'punished', and dropped off at random place in the city.

Attributes Native to Species

• Women are generally timid, submissive, and modest.
• All children born to Unmothers in Utopia are allowed to be cared for and nursed by the Unmother until their 3rd birthday, at which time their care is given to the Mother of the household.
• Humans can become infected with Vampirism or Lycanthropy. They can also be turned into Experiments if they are captured by The Lab.


Unmothers are Utopia's solution to infertility. Created in test tubes, they are grown until the physical age of 18 before being given consciousness. Their sole purpose is to become impregnated and give birth, thus, they are made to be attractive to the male sex. God has decreed that a man may take an Unmother as his second wife in order to bear his children. However, he is not to lie with her for any other reason. This has been the downfall of many Unmothers, taken advantage of by their owners, and sent to Labyrinth in sin by jealous first wives.
Unmothers may have 3 pregnancies before things start to go south with their biology. They're usually sold after the third child; refurbished and bought by lesser families who cannot afford the cost of a fresh-from-the-tube babymaker. Their children are often born with defects and impairments.
Once an Unmother has run her course (read: no one wants her) she can be sent away to Lab, no questions asked. They are known to be less submissive, harder to control, and more difficult with each passing pregnancy.

Attributes Native to Species

• They lack bellybuttons. Since they are essentially designed in labs in Utopia, all of them are made to be attractive to men. They have an inbuilt mechanism to feel protective and attracted to children.
• All Unmothers nurse the children they birth (in Utopia) until the age of 3 years, at which time they are forced to wean and give the main care to the Mother in the family.
• Unmothers cannot become infected with Vampirism or Lycanthropy, and they do not get ill, ever.


The superstitious human would call them a witch or conjurer, but these individuals have obtained their strange powers in exchange for their souls. Many of them had no say in it. The debt passes through generations; children who are born with the gift will be reincarnated when they die, and are servants of Satan while alive.
If you have a soul to sell, they say you can make a deal with him. What are you afraid of? It's not like you're going to get by on your good looks in this place.

Attributes Native to Species

• Veneficus-ism can be obtained through inheritance, or selling your soul to Lucifer or one of his Sins. Veneficus serve the Dark Lord exclusively. They are in debt to him and everything they do is to further his cause. In return, they are conjurers with extraordinary gifts.
• (Inherited) Veneficus choose a magical element at the unlucky age of 13, and are given Lucifer's brand at an important ceremony. Before this, they are unable to control their magical abilities. They do possess souls when they are born, these are willingly transferred to Satan at the aforementioned ceremony. Young Veneficus are often the cause of accidents and deaths in both Labyrinth and Utopia. Any and all extraordinary abilities are viewed with fear and suspicion in Utopia, Veneficus children are often caught and sent to Labyrinth.
• Veneficus have unnaturally long lives. It is unknown and undocumented as to how long they can live. They can however, be killed.


These unfortunate individuals did not exist before the Veneficus created them. They are what happens to you when you cross a conjurer. Want your curse to be lifted? Kill the one who made you, and eat their heart. Beware - when the moon shines through the clear dome, you will become an animal.


Called as such because that is the only way you could understand their disease, which has been around for eons. There is some variant of genetics that allows these... people... to live as though they are immortal. They do not age past the date they contracted the virus. That does not mean they cannot die, though; anything that can kill a human, can kill a vampire. They feed on blood, but do not have fangs as in fairytales. Oh, no, they prefer to slice your jugular and imbibe like a pig at the trough. The virus is spread through blood-to-blood/bodily fluids contact. Many Utopians are secretly infected. Vampires cannot hide what they are for long, the virus also infects their brains - they are known to be... psychotic.


Experiments. Cast-off creations of man which God would never approve of. Spliced mutations of half man, half beast, and whatever else you can think of. The perfect host for the devil. Dog fur stitched to their skin, heart of a pig pumping their blood... Some of them are merely a collection of lost dead parts. Can you imagine?
Well, someone did. Some insane, crazy-ass scientist, probably from the basement of that building called The Lab, creates these things. A furry's dream.
And then they escape.
... And then they come for you.


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